Saturday, 30 October 2010

Betty Pepper

Carrying on with the idea of altering books, as well as Jewellery, I'm currently looking at the work of Betty Pepper. I love the detail and elegance of her work, all of her pieces have individual meaning and it's as if she's bringing to life the story or the memories the book holds. 

The Memoirs of a Dressmaker

"Betty Pepper is a textile / jewellery designer maker. In her effort to find that elusive something which makes an object desirable and somewhat 'magical' she explores different media and techniques in both two and three-dimensions.
Her work is inspired by stories, memories, things from the past, over-hearings and misgivings. A strand of humour runs through Betty's work using word games, hidden messages and secrets. The work features 'grown-up' interests, but they are treated with a child-like attitude."
Lucy's Locket
The Lost Song
 As well as Jewellery within the altered book, Betty Pepper produces individual items of Jewellery. The pieces below reflect the traditions of cameos and fit in well with my project, 

Marth Cameo Brooch

Plate Brooch
Fairytale Necklace

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