Friday, 29 October 2010

Altering books

We did a few workshops on Foundation recently on altering found objects, 3D design and  Collage, from these work shops I began to develop the idea of altering books and giving them a different meaning.

The first uses ink, wool, string, wire buttons and pages of the book. The outcome reminds me of jewellery which is really fitting with the current theme of my project.

The second book tells more of a story, I altered the book and created a scene using collage, book pages and wire.

I feel both of these idea fit well with my current theme of Cameos and Jewellery, I like the idea of making something old have a new meaning or bringing a story to life. I feel this idea has a lot of potential to develop further as a project.

As well as the altered books I also made a tree from branches sprayed silver, cotton, buttons, wire and paper doilies in a glass jag, I'm not really sure where it fits into my project but it reminds me of enchanted forests and fairy tales. 

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