Sunday, 8 January 2012

New year - New beginnings (blog-wise)

On my list of New Years resolutions I've decided to make a big deal of blogging this year by giving this blog a facelift, lots of new and more interesting posts following far more of my hobbies and passions and hopefully getting a lot more lovely followers.
So from now on expect to see...

  • More illustration, not just set projects from uni but the general wanderings of my imagination. And loads of posts on other illustrators, designers, artists, crafts people and maybe a few bands to help inspire the rest of the world :) 
  • Fashion and beauty - a big love of mine, I love to mix vintage, high street and a sprinkling of DIY pieces. So expect outfit posts, DIY tutorials and updates of my current favourite looks and trends (oh and loads of bargain buys!)
  • Student life - There seems to be a lack of blogs on general student life, so I'm hoping to pull together loads of info and articles as well as my own experiences on uni life and money saving.
Aside from keeping my blog undated and interesting, I have a couple of other new years resolutions I'm planning on pursuing this year, the progress of which I will update occasionally on here too
  • Read more - I'm aiming to read 2 books a month, I have 6 ready and waiting for me already but I'm more than happy to take some more suggestions.
  • Draw more, a LOT more - concidering I'm doing an illustration course I don't seem to draw as much as I would like, so I'm hoping to draw a little everyday outside of my project work, like a diary kind of thing, to keep my imagination fresh.
  • Get fit and healthy, inside and out- I joined the gym at the start of uni and surprisingly really enjoy it and I've always eaten reasonable healthy but it's something I want to start taking a little more seriously now to be the best version of me I can be (as cheesy as that sounds) 
  • Start looking into ways of making money through my art work and the skills I'm learning at uni.
  • Enjoy being at uni! make the most of all the opportunities I'm being given on this course.
That'll do for now, I look forward to becoming a blogging sensations in the coming months... (lol)

Annabella xo

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