Friday, 2 December 2011

Uni Life - Inspiration is needed...

Sometimes I get a little bit of a creative block, especially recently after being put into a new environment and having to find my feet with a new way of working. Finding this list on Pikaland was a real help, I plan on working my way through the list in the not so distant future!

the list is free to download from here, it's such a great help to have a list of ideas written by somebody else as there are so many things I would never have thought to draw!

Pikaland is also a great blog to follow for all kinds of Illustration related treats; new artists, industry tips and inspiration.

I have my copy printed above my kettle for the times I get flustered, tea and some inspiration. 
And my cute Alice doodles, to remind me I'm not that bad.
Happy drawing :)

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  1. I love Alice in Wonderland, your drawings are so cute!