Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Peculiar World of Fakery Project- Elvis Presley

One of the worlds most recognised icons is Elvis Presley, although hes huge success he also lead a troubled life in the lime-light which lead to his death aged 42, bloated to 20 stone and addicted to drugs.
Despite his huge success in Hollywood, I decided to concentrate on the impact he has on Las Vagas and how the city lead to his downfall.
Elvis Shiloette
Image posterized using Photoshop, then drawn and painted with acrylic.

Elvis lift Hollywood in 1962 after being tied to strict contracts with film and music companies where every aspect of his life was controlled. In Vagas he was contracted to preform for 4 weeks at a time, two performances a day, twice a week for the equivalent of £2 million a week, all this new found freedom lead to the downfall of his career and personal life.

The illustrations I produced were to accompany an artical taken from the Daily Mail "How Elvis Presley ruled Las Vegas - before it slowly killed him"

Lost Vagas
sign painted using water colours and fine liner.
represents the dark side of Vagas

Elvis' downfall
ink and fine liner. Alcohol, fast food and drug abuse.

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