Thursday, 13 January 2011

I wanted to produce some 3D work which reflected the style of the cameos and also the Mexican sugar skulls but on a much larger scale. I found the decorative shapes translated well into interior design.

Mould made using liquid silicone over a plastic skull 

Mould with plaster

A huge advantage of silicone moulds is they can be used over and over  to mass produce the skulls

I did the same using a photo frame, this was a little more difficult because the frames were far more fragile.

I wanted to juxtapose the delicate frames with the bulky skulls 

added a few backgrounds with celulous prints and sections of wallpaper and magazines worked into with the sewing machine

I chose colours that had already been used within my project, The colours contrast well with each other and with the style of the frames 

I was originally going to arrange them in a uniformed way, but I found it too look too restricted and the eye didn't follow a particular root

I added the floral patten taken from some lace fabric to soften the hard edges and arranged the frames in a more relaxed way, the eye follows the patten and the pink details

I could imagine this piece translating well on a much larger scale for interiors either using real frames or onto a repeat patten wallpaper. 

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